Top 7 Weirdest Yet Highly Rated Mobile Apps for Android

In the vast and eclectic world of mobile apps, there’s something for everyone. From productivity tools to entertainment apps, the options are endless. However, sometimes it’s the weirdest and most unconventional apps that capture our attention and earn high ratings. Here are the Top 7 Weirdest Yet Highly Rated Mobile Apps for Android

Top 7 Weirdest Yet Highly Rated Mobile Apps for Android

Plant Nanny

Ever struggled to stay hydrated? Plant Nanny turns drinking water into a fun game. Users track their water intake to keep a virtual plant alive. Neglect your hydration, and your plant will wither away. It’s a quirky approach to a common health concern.

I Am Rich

This app gained notoriety for its hefty price tag and minimalist functionality. “I Am Rich” does nothing but display a glowing red gem on the screen, symbolizing wealth. Despite its absurdity, the app garnered attention and a surprising number of purchases from users flaunting their affluence.

Hold On

In a world where instant gratification reigns supreme, Hold On challenges users to do the opposite. The app presents a single button with the command to “Hold On.” The longer you resist the urge to tap, the higher your score. It’s a test of patience in the age of impatience.


For movie buffs with weak bladders, RunPee is a lifesaver. This app tells you the best times to take a bathroom break during a movie without missing crucial plot points. It even provides a summary of what you missed while you were away. It’s a strange yet practical solution to a common moviegoer dilemma.


Sometimes, simplicity is key. Yo takes minimalist messaging to the extreme by allowing users to send a single word “Yo” to their friends. Despite its basic premise, the app gained popularity and even secured investment funding. It’s a testament to the power of simplicity in communication.

S.M.T.H. (Send Me to Heaven)

This app combines extreme sports with mobile gaming in a bizarre yet exhilarating way. The goal? Toss your phone as high as possible and see how high you can score. However, be warned: the app comes with a disclaimer advising users to play at their own risk, as it can result in damage to the phone.


As the name suggests, Nothing is an app that does… well, nothing. Upon opening the app, users are greeted by a blank screen. There are no buttons to tap, no features to explore—just emptiness. Despite its lack of functionality, Nothing amassed a following of curious users intrigued by its existential concept.


The world of mobile apps is a diverse and quirky landscape where creativity knows no bounds. These seven apps push the boundaries of conventionality, offering users a unique and often bizarre experience. While they may not be for everyone, their high ratings are a testament to their ability to captivate and entertain in unexpected ways.

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